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Prof. Dr. Ueli Suter



Institute for Molecular Health Sciences

Otto-Stern-Weg 7
8093 Zurich

Tel. +41 44 633 3432
Fax +41 44 633 1328

Main Goals, Keywords

We study the cellular and molecular basis of organogenesis and repair in the nervous system. Our efforts are focused on the role of neural stem cells and the interactions between neurons and myelinating cells, oligodendrocytes that are distressed in Multiple Sclerosis and Schwann cells that are disturbed in Peripheral Neuropathies (in collaboration with the groups of Dr. Lukas Sommer and Dr. Joao Relvas).

Keywords: Neuron-glia interactions, myelin, neuropathies, gliogenesis, neurogenesis, transgenic models, neural stem cells, oligodendrocytes, Schwann cells, multiple sclerosis.

Group Members

1 professor, 1 group leader, 2 senior research associates, 10 postdoctoral fellows, 5 PhD students

Previous, Current and Future Research

We are studying the role of cell-cell and cell-extracellular matrix interactions with respect to the control of cell proliferation, cell migration, cell differentiation and cell death in neural development and repair.

There are three main topics:
- Peripheral Nerve Biology and Molecular Disease Mechanisms in Neuropathies
- Basic Mechanisms in Neural Stem Cell Biology
- Oligodendrocytes in Health and Disease

Techniques and Equipment

We are using a variety of cell culture techniques and transgenic approaches in rodents, in combination with modern microscopy and imaging techniques.

Selected Publications

Selected Lectures, Seminars, Colloquia


Swiss National Science Foundation, EU, NCCR Neural Plasticity and Repair, ETH Zurich



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